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Personal Injury

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Injuries as a result of healthcare are the third leading cause of death in the United States. This fact is almost never talked about.

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Business and Corporate Law

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I believe that the backbone of our communities are our local small businesses.

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Criminal Law

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I believe that law enforcement and honest prosecution of criminal cases are important to keep our neighborhoods safe.

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I am aimed to bring favorable results.


Personal Injury Consultation

Legal Representation in Auto Collisions Cases

$ 1000000

Medical Malpractice Paralysis Case

$ 1300000

Fall at a hospital

$ 475000

Construction Injury Fall From a Ladder

$ 1500000

Scooter v Taxi Cab

$ 900000

Surgical Injury/Wrongful Death

$ 100000

Policy Limits Delivery Person v Truck Mirror

$ 86000

Hospital Fall Wrist Injury

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