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Matthew R. Hale

Attorney at Law, PLLC

Matthew R. Hale

Attorney a Law, PLLC


I was young when I decided to become a trial lawyer to help people. I have worked for well over a decade to hone my skills and to obtain the training necessary to provide aggressive and effective representation for my clients. I have represented people in both Federal and State courts throughout Washington.

What I Stand For

My passion is in getting to know my clients and in telling their stories.  This is the hallmark of trial law and I have found that this is best done when I have the time and resources to work on each of my client’s cases.  I have worked at large plaintiff’s personal injury law firms, milling cases for mediocre results.  Rest assured, with me, your case will not be one in a thousand.  I carefully screen the cases I take to ensure that I can give your case the attention it deserves.  Your case is the most important case you have and it is important to me as well.


I have seen the inside of our medical and insurance industries.  I have seen those industries abuse and take advantage of people who simply did not have the knowledge to protect their rights.  I am passionate about holding those industries to account to make sure that people are treated right.  I have obtained good results for my clients on both extremely complicated injury cases to simply auto collision cases.  I am ready to help you with your case.


I believe that you should be able to talk to an attorney without risk. I am happy to talk with you about your legal needs during a free initial consultation.